Semcon is a global company active in the areas of engineering services and product information. The Group has around 3,000 employees with extensive experience from many different industries. We develop technologies, products, plants and information solutions along the entire development chain and also provide many services including quality control, training and methodology development.

Position Title Region Language Closing date
Design engineer Axles - CAD English (UK) 30/06/2016
Design engineer for Engines English (UK) 30/06/2016
Design engineer Transmission English (UK) 30/06/2016
Design Engineer - Driver Electronics English (UK) 30/06/2016
Design engineer – Wiring harness English (UK) 30/06/2016
Change Management English (UK) 30/06/2016
Embedded SW/Function Devlopment Engineer English (UK) 30/06/2016
Embedded SW/Function Devlopment Engineer English (UK) 30/06/2016
Technical Lead- Illustrations & Accessories England English (UK) 27/06/2016
Area Manager Dalarna Svenska 2016-06-27
Automotive Project Manager England English (UK) 17/06/2016
TOPIx Feedback Coordinator England English (UK) 17/06/2016
Technical Lead- D&O England English (UK) 17/06/2016
Phytonutvecklare med fokus på inbyggda system Västra Götaland Svenska 2016-06-20
Interaktionsdesigner Västra Götaland Svenska 2016-06-12
Interaktionsdesigner Blekinge Svenska 2016-06-12
Interaktionsdesigner Stockholm Svenska 2016-06-12
Technical Author - Automotive D&O Pest English (UK) 31/08/2015
Technical Writer - Telecommunications Department Pest English (UK) 31/08/2015
Processingenjör Gävleborg Svenska 2016-06-13
Scrum Master med ledaregenskaper Stockholm Svenska
Senior Automotive Designer (Interior / Exterior) Västra Götaland English (UK) 05/06/2016
Graphic Designer with digital experience Västra Götaland English (UK) 05/06/2016
Technical Writer-Telecom Nanjing 南京 (Nanjing) English (UK)
Erfaren konstruktör Uppsala Svenska 2016-06-06
Flera tjänster inom utveckling av inbyggda system Östergötland Svenska 2016-06-12
Erfaren mekanikkonstruktör Kronoberg Svenska 2016-06-12
Koordinerande teknikinformatör / Coordinating technical communicator Västra Götaland Svenska
Teknikinformatör / Informationsingenjör/ Technical communicator Västra Götaland Svenska
Service Engineer - Spare Parts / Reservdelsberedare Västra Götaland Svenska
CM/DM - Information Management Engineer Östergötland Svenska
Team Manager Embedded Jönköping Svenska 2016-06-12
Junior systemutvecklare @ Semcon Product Information Västra Götaland Svenska
Integrationsingenjör Stockholm Svenska 2016-05-31
Kvalitetsingenjör Stockholm Svenska 2016-05-31
Mjukvaruutvecklare, inbyggda system Stockholm
Svenska 2016-05-31
Mjukvaruutvecklare – Inbyggda system Jönköping Svenska 2016-05-31
Systemingenjör – Inbyggda system Jönköping Svenska 2016-05-31
Technical Writer Pest English (UK)
Kompetens inom Containment till Stockholm Stockholm Svenska 2016-05-31
Elkonstruktör till Växjö Kronoberg Svenska 2016-06-12
Är du en erfaren Mekanikkonstruktör? Stockholm Svenska 2016-05-31
Technical Editor ( English Native Speaker ) 上海巿 (Shanghai) English (UK) 30/06/2016
Technical Writer-Telecom 广州 (Guangzhou) English (UK) 29/02/2016
Senior Information Consultant/Technical Writer-Shanghai 上海巿 (Shanghai) English (UK) 01/02/2016
Business Development Manager 北京巿 (Beijing) English (UK) 31/05/2016
Application of interest 2016 Svenska
English (UK)
Workshop Manual Author/Technician England English (UK) 20/06/2016
Konstruktör till Trollhättan Västra Götaland Svenska 2016-06-30
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